Christy Clark

Christy Clark

Former Premier of British Columbia

Christy Clark led Canada’s third largest province for over six years. Throughout her tenure, she demonstrated the strongest performance of any Canadian premier for economic growth, fiscal management and job creation.

Her legacy is characterized by her determination to plan for future generations. She left British Columbia with a significantly diversified economy, a greater diversity of markets, a plan for a new, clean energy supply, billions of dollars of new infrastructure and a dramatic reduction in the burden of public debt that will be borne by future generations of British Columbians.

When she left office, British Columbia had been Canada’s economic leader for three years running – the first time that has happened since the 1960s. The province went from being ninth in job creation to first among provinces. And, after inheriting a deficit of $1.2 billion, Clark’s government went on to balance five consecutive budgets. When she retired, British Columbia was on-track to eliminating its operating debt by 2020 – the first time since 1976. The province was also the only Canadian province with a AAA credit rating.

Clark retired from political life in 2017 as the longest-serving female premier in Canadian history.

Christy Clark will deliver the keynote address during the conference Day Three Luncheon.